Software maintenance and support services

Software maintenance and support services

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We assist enterprises with maintaining their IT infrastructures fully operable, flexible, and secure, helping them to continuously optimize total cost of ownership. As practicing engineers, we provide IT support services for software of all types and scale, including corporate systems and customer-facing applications. Our maintenance activities cover every level, from meticulous pre-support audit and 24/7 software upkeep to transformative redesign.

Multi-tier software support services

To address your software issues more efficiently, Itransition offers three distinct packages differentiated by their coverage and spanning L1, L2 and L3 tiers of technical support.

First-line support

Our technicians will handle user-side issues and minor glitches in your application before they escalate into service-disrupting problems. At this level, we analyze user information and resolve issues without delving into the code.


When the root cause is in a system deficiency, our expert troubleshooting team will investigate the issue, detect and fix bugs, or perform performance-critical configurations, installations, and updates.

Advanced support

To deal with the most advanced, never-faced-before issues, Itransition involves high-skilled architects and engineers who will investigate the source code to remedy disruptions, optimize back-end functionality, and enhance the system with new transformative features.

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All-round software maintenance expertise

Select a maintenance strategy that fully addresses the needs and shortages of your IT ecosystem and facilitates the sustainable growth of your digital enterprise.

All-round software maintenance expertise

If your software environment has undergone significant changes, our team will adjust the applications and tools to the altered conditions, so that they remain stable and highly-usable.

Our team will augment your solution to ramp up its performance and prolong its operational life. We will expand it with transformative features and root out performance-stalling issues.

Itransition’s engineers will detect and fix bugs and glitches that interfere with the software operation and user experience. Corrective repairs can be scheduled or performed as an emergency measure.

We will re-engineer your software to make it future-proof and fault-resistant. Our team will enhance the existing operational characteristics, embed more relevant features and remove those that have grown obsolete.

Service delivery models

Choose the level of software support and maintenance service commitment that aligns with your project needs and fits in with your business environment.

Managed support

For a fixed rate, hire Itransition’s dedicated support team who will keep an eye on your software ecosystem’s health and stability 24/7, run scheduled service maintenance activities, and promptly perform hot fixes of any complexity.

Pay-as-you-go support

Turn to Itransition when you need to augment your in-house maintenance team with professional support technicians, engineers, or consultants, and get the needed service over a specified period of time, paying for the consumed resources only.

Emergency support

In case you encounter an unexpected and disruptive software issue or compromised security, get in touch with our support team. You can count on fast team setup and our broad expertise in tackling security incidents and critical outages.

Related services

DevOps automation

DevOps automation

We join software production cycles as DevOps consultants and engineers, implementing proven automation strategies that make continuous delivery, testing and monitoring possible.

Managed IT services

Itransition offers software and infrastructure management as a service along with continuous improvement, troubleshooting, and risk mitigation.

Smart teams

Create your own dedicated team with Itransition’s professionals of required qualifications that will blend in seamlessly with your resources and augment them efficiently.

Application modernization

Application modernization

When you can no longer get value from your legacy solution, we help you revamp it and put on a new, more efficient technological footing through refactoring, migrating to the cloud, or another helpful upgrade.

IT support and maintenance roadmap

As you entrust your IT infrastructure maintenance to Itransition, we will follow an established step-by-step algorithm to securely set up and implement the maintenance strategy befitting your case.

System audit

At the initial stage, we will examine your software focusing on the architecture and code, review related documentation, and run basic functional and performance tests.

Maintenance proposal

Based on the audit results, our technicians will map out the scope of required services and formulate their objectives and requirements.

Roadmap development

Next, Itransition’s specialists will outline the set of practices and tools and offer a detailed milestone-based maintenance strategy for your approval.

Project handover

With the maintenance strategy approved, we will take over the project, assign the roles and tasks, and proceed with implementing the agreed steps.

Support & maintenance

Following the handover, we will run issue analysis and bug fixes, on-demand and scheduled updates and feature releases together with other negotiated maintenance activities, and submit regular status reports.

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Diverse portfolio

With a proven track record of 25+ years, Itransition gained expertise in sustaining software ecosystems for enterprises across industries, from healthcare and banking to telecommunications and entertainment.

Continuous operation

Adopters of DevOps practices, our technicians will ensure that the maintenance services—from regular updates to deployment of new functionality—will neither hinder nor disrupt your system’s performance.

Negotiated deliverables

Our company signs an individually drawn-up support SLA with each customer to lay down our standard and specific liabilities, including hours of service, software coverage, response speed, tickets priority, and more.